Secret Supplements Of Dwayne Johnson Get Revealed

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Dwayne Johnson"Dwayne Johnson most commonly known as a “the Rock” is one of the most famous actors and former wrestling superstars. He is most commonly known as action movie actor just because of his muscular body. He is so muscular that many people want to have muscles like him and because of this, he has also become a role model for many people. But Rock did not have the same muscular body in the past. When he was young, he is very fat but after realizing the importance of fitness in life he changed his diet plan and also did a lot of exercises due to which a dramatic transformation was observed in him.

Secret supplements of Dwayne

If transforming a body is an art then Dwayne is surely a master of it. This is because he quickly rolled over his body to get fit for different roles. Everyone wonders how he manages to do so and his technique was a secret until he turned up and told about the supplements he took to build a muscular body.

He said that there are many crucial components that he takes such as –

  • NO2 – this component is known as nitric oxide and it boosts the amount and efficiency of oxygen present in the blood.
  • Protein – this component in supplement helps the body to get the needed strength. It also helps the body to recover quickly as well as boosts the build.
  • Amino acids – it helps to reduce the breakdown of protein and helps the body to recover quickly.
  • Testosterone booster – it increases the growth rate of muscles and also ensures that you remain energetic all the time.

He said that these four components are must to have in a supplement. He further stated that if anyone wants to build the muscles quickly, he should make use of the supplements that not only contain these components but they are also free from any kind of side effects. That’s why he revealed the supplement he used so that others can also make use of it and get their desired body.  Dwayne Johnson muscle supplements are dominated testo and EF 13 muscle.

Dominate testo – this supplement is completely safe, natural, legal and it doesn’t show any kind of bad effects that other steroids show. He said that he combined this supplement with amino acids so that he can attain maximum muscle growth in time. Dominate testo reduces the weight and helps the body to gain energy while on the other hand amino acids reduce the fat in the body and burn calories. There are many benefits of using this supplement such as it enhances the athletic strength and performance. It boosts the muscle growth rate as well as body mass. It also allows the muscle to grow to its maximum size.

EF 13 muscles – it fights against damaged muscles and helps them to cure quickly. It also boosts the body’s metabolism rate and increases the energy so that the person can enhance the workout timing and it also provides proper shape to the muscles.